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The New Era Of Daftar Judi Casino Online

Informally, Sports Betting has always been a part of our lives. With sports like cricket so innately linked to our culture, betting becomes part of our friendly banter usually laughed off despite winning or losing.

It has only been a couple of years since capitalized sports betting has gained traction in India. While its morality and even legality have raised a few eyebrows, one cannot deny the economic value it now creates. The growth of sports betting was inevitable, especially with the growing spectrum of websites and applications through widely used and easily accessible smartphones and internet connections. To a great degree, it rode on an expeditious high due to the lock down brought on by the pandemic. The cherry on top, of course, was the popularity of sports like cricket and football (even before the pandemic) that aided the fast-growing industry of Sports Betting.

Today, 140 million people bet on daftar judi casino online regularly. 85% of these bets seem to be on cricket matches, and the numbers can go as high as 370 million during IPL (according to data provided by My Betting).

daftar judi casino online

Why has the growth of sports betting been so exponential?

  • Technology: Most phones have an easily navigable user interface and support a wide range of applications with cheap internet connections, making sports betting one of the most convenient forms of gambling.
  • Power of Choice: The appeal of choosing teams and having a say that makes actual monetary changes is quite irresistible even for those who have never bet on any sport before.
  • Lockdown: The final catalyst, of course, was the lock down that followed the covid-19 pandemic increasing the value of online entertainment.

What do the laws dictate?

The growth of gambling happens despite the vague laws surrounding it. While technically being unlawful by the 1887 public gaming act, sports’ betting has found its way around this outdated law. The first is the fact that the old law, in no way, can dictate the course and evolution of online betting. While making gambling illegal, the act does not prohibit citizens from betting on sports that require skills to play and not just mere luck like that in Poker. This is a big plus for a sport like cricket which makes up to 85% of our sports economy.

In the remote future, we can expect the sports betting market to grow further as more and more people open up to it. Although sports betting is fun and relatively less risky than other forms of gambling, it cannot be called an investment and should not be treated like that.