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The High And Low Game Online

The game ไฮโล comes from the word high and Low. Now, you will be thinking about what kind of game it is. You will come up with a lot of ideas like what will be the graphics, a ball game, a card game, or a kind of dice game. Whichever of this game, the essential thing must be the rule of the game. How are you able to win the game without knowing about the game rule? Would it be nice if you would master and familiarize how the game goes and how to win?

Hi-Lo is a card game. Most of the players find the game a very simple and fast game. So, many of the players choose to play the High Low game at the start of entering the casino.

A step-by-step guide to play

The game has simple and easy gameplay. To sum it up, the game is all about guessing. The player guesses the faced down card if it is higher or lower than the face-up card. Here is the simple step-by-step guide to playing Hi-Lo:

  1. On the table, place your bet
  2. The dealer will deal a card
  3. The player chooses whether the next card is higher or lower
  4. Again, the card is dealt
  5. If you guessed correctly, you win but if not, the stake is lost.
  6. The game round is over
  7. To play again, the player must place another bet
  8. If you win, a payout is expected
  9. The current result card of the round will be the base card for the next game
  10. Play again or you will collect the balance, it depends on the player now

Online Gambling Games

High Low doesn’t have stable payouts since the game has no preset paytable. Always keep in mind that the payouts of the game will vary depends on the base card.

The house edge and RTP

The house edge is always present in any game for the advantage of the casino over the players. The casino can make a profit out of it, but players will have a greater profit, of course. RTP or Return To Player has a different way to express the game’s house edge. RTP is all about the percentage of the money been wagered by the players, which paid back in winnings. The higher the RTP, the house edge will lower. The general RTP of High Low varies between 96 to 98 percent.

High Low online may be the ideal card game for the beginning casino players.