Slot Betting In Sports And Reasons For Its Rise

The gambling industry is growing at a rapid pace with sports betting as ace of the utmost widespread trends in the global economy. The whole slot gambling market was estimated at 12.5 billion in US. This was the estimate of 2019 and it was expected to rise more in the upcoming five years. Previously sports betting was mainly across the western countries specially in United States. Betting was present in Horse riding, Rummy etc. However, since 2020 the industry is growing in the eastern zones as well especially in India. In India betting is mostly online based.

Sports betting in India

Sports gambling in India has been a part of the culture since many years. It has become the new normal to earn money owing to the pandemic. There are a handful of games available on the sports betting websites across India. There has been a debate whether betting should be legalised in India. Despite its legal constraints, online betting is growing at a tremendous rate.


Sports betting is likely to be legalized

  • Many countries have made sports betting legal and it seems that India is moving to the same page too.
  • The betting sites have to based outside India due to legal policies of India.
  • The rise in the number of Indian citizens on betting websites is likely to make betting legal in the near future

Usage of phones

  • Since 2020 Indians are using mobile phones more.
  • About one-third of waking hours are spent on surfing the net and playing games
  • Online sports betting attracts the youth due to rising unemployment during the COVID-19 scenario.

Popularity of Sports

  • Cricket and football are two most popular sports in India.
  • Though other sports like Rummy are present but it has become popular due to the craze for cricket and football.

These are a few points why sports betting is rising in India and also across the world. Now betting is mostly online across the globe. Many scandals have also been reported in the industry in terms of financial losses.  Though there is a huge risk of losing the money in betting but still the industry its on its peak.So, it is very important to verify the source of the slot betting platform to avoid any discrepancies. Secondly, it is also very essential to have a good knowledge about betting, its legal barriers and how to invest the money safely.