Boxing is a very popular sport among bettors all around the world. Betting on underground brawls was common in the early 1800s. Its popularity increased when the professional game under Queensberry Rules emerged in 1867. Today, there are various online sportsbooks where people can bet on sports with ease. One of these is, an online betting site that offers casino games and sports betting. Most beginners are not aware that there are different boxing betting types. Understanding each of them will allow you to find the best value.

Types of boxing bets

Before taking a more in-depth look to find where the most value is, focus on the traditional markets first.

To win fight

This is a straightforward bet. You back who you think will be the winner.

Round betting

This is a bet on how many rounds you think it will take before the fight ends. There is also an option to choose whether it will be a victory by points or victory by disqualification. It is a tough market to get the right prediction but the payout is great.

Over/Under or Total rounds


This is more like goal betting in football if you are familiar with that. The sportsbooks will set a certain number of rounds. You will bet on whether the match will have more or fewer rounds than the set number.

Going the distance

You only need a simple yes or no for this betting option. The question is whether you think the match will finish early or will go to the judges’ scorecards. A match finishes early when a boxer wins by knockout or technical knockout. A disqualification also counts as an early finish.

To score a knockdown

This is a bet on whether you think either boxer will knock his opponent down.

To get knocked down and win

This is a popular bet usually seen in heavyweight matches. There are times when a boxer gets knocked down and still wins the match. This bet has an excellent payout.

The exact method of victory

This is not an easy bet to make. You have to predict who will end victorious and how he will win.

There are a lot of common mistakes new bettors make when betting on boxing. One of which is backing their favorite without proper research. Make sure you consider all factors and check statistics before you place a wager. Keep in mind that there is less payout for the bigger favorites.