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What are the rules and steps in playing the game?

ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ is a card game that comes from Thailand. It is a competition between 6 players and 1 main player. The player will use the cards in their hands and they will combine them into 8 or 9 cards to win the game. Basically, each player has 2 cards and adds 1 more card. The player that has a high card will win and earn the jackpot.

What are the rules of the game?

In this game, there will be players and dealers. The dealers will handle the cards and their cards need to be compared with the players that are on the table. They will compare with the dealer to know who is the winner.

Once you play the game everyone needs to bid to pick the dealer in the first games. If no one wants to be the dealer then the system will choose it randomly. Sometimes there will be 2 people who want to be a dealer. The system will choose it randomly.

After choosing the dealer the player will put a bet and the amount will depend on the dealer. Once they are all done putting the bet the dealer will have two cards each. If the player has a Pok the remaining players will need to survey a hand comparison. And if there are still no Pok then it is needed to draw another card. So that their cards will have the highest total points.

Arrange the cards

By understanding the rules which are important. But in card games, if you don’t know how to play the chances of winning will be lessened. Its ranking method will be in the following rules:


It is where the players have 2 cards with a total number of 8 or 9. It is already considered as a blank and then the system will open the card and compare it to other players.

Three card game

The player who is holding 3 cards that has the same value

Clearing chamber hall           

It is when the player has 3 succeeding cards that have the same suit.

Three humanoid cards

The player has 3 humanoid cards


The player has 3 succeeding cards but it is not the same.


The leaves cant have the above cases.

Steps on playing the game

  1. The player will put a bet on the dealer and verify it to play.
  2. After putting a bet the system will shuffle the card and give each player two cards.
  3. Once the total of 2 cards is already 8 to 9 the player will win white and others need to face up. If you did not win then each person will get another card.
  4. End the game and the player will have a score to know who will be the winner.