Playing online poker on Linux with Windows poker client

Have you thought about playing an online poker game on Linux OS machine? If not, just know it’s quite simple, all you need to do is to install a suitable package like Sillypoker or poker in your Linux OS, and you’re good to go. However, it can be quite challenging, especially when you intend to gamble with real money. Sarangkartu is one of the most trusted gambling platforms that also support Linux OS.

Microsoft Windows poker

Currently, numerous Microsoft online poker clients are available, but the only issues are that there is none native poker client for the Linux OS. Some of them just require a Java plugin installed in the browser. But there multiple poker clients that needed to install in the Linux machine.

Therefore, you have to install wine application, to enable your online poker in Linux, especially with Window online poker client. Wine application is simply a program that can run and also install Windows based on the poker client on Linux operating system. Once all this is done, you can easily play online poker game.

Process of testing Linux/Windows OS

Firstly, you will have to install wine application and then install Windows-based online poker client with wine application. Also, you should know how to install wine application on Linux PC. If you’re using Linux OS that comes with Debian Package Management (DEB) such as Ubuntu or Debian, you will have to install wine application with apt-get command.

Once you install and run wine application, you must download windows-based poker client such as Poker Stars. NB: You should never run the following command as the root user. PokerStars app will be locally installed in your home directory as a specialized HOME surrounding variable bash.

Essential things you should note

Running a successful Windows-based online poker client with wine isn’t guaranteed. Numerous factors concern a successful Microsoft Windows on a Linux OS. If you don’t commence your mostly preferred poker online client on a Linux PC, then will have to install the latest wine application. You can as well install a CrossOver application that is a commercial wine version.


Thanks to sarangkartu site, you don’t have to hassle searching for a gambling poker site that supports the Linux operating system. Even if you’ve opted for windows OS, you can still gamble in any online poker site. Therefore, instead of wondering around browsing through different, choose this site.