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How to Win at Gambling with the Help of Marked Cards

In the past, card marking was very popular among poker and card players. Card marking was only made by those who are a fan of gambling. And with the limitation of technology, gamblers needed to find a way to mark their cards without it being detected by their opponents. But because it became rampant, people now know how to spot a marked card. The usual card marking ways are bending the corner of the card, marking the back of the cards, and so on. These are not effective anymore, so it’s time to find new and better ways.

Thanks to modern technology and ways, card marking is now easier. In fact, manufacturers are creating a marked deck of cards to sell. Some of these brands are Bicycle, Modiano, Copag, and many more. There are many kinds of marked cards, and you will learn them here.

What is The Ultimate Card Deck?

There are numerous ways on how to mark deck of cards. The first one is the Ultimate Marked Cards. These types of marked cards are the closest to the traditional ways of card marking because you don’t need technology. There are four common ways of marking. These are block-out, hieroglyphics, cut-out, and tinting. These marks are visible, but these can be seen only if you take a good look at them. Your opponents will miss these marks because they are so small and you have to observe the cards properly to find it.

marked cards with invisible ink

Block-out is the most common because all you need to do is to use the same color to mark or cover the patterns at the back of the card. For example, you can use the same color of ink and the card to cover a part of the petals of the flower.

Using an Invisible Ink to Win Your Poker Games

Due to technology, invisible ink was determined to be a very effective way of marking cards. It’s now used in many poker games around the world. You will need a special device to see this invisible ink, which is why it’s a more efficient cheating device compared to marking it physically, where players can find the marks even though it’s very small. With an invisible ink, you can use an infrared device to keep track on it or a contact lens specially made to see the invisible ink. You are the only person who will see the invisible ink.

The best thing about luminous marked cards is that you don’t have to squint just to find the marks. That’s because the prints are often marked big enough for players to find it even from afar. So far, invisible ink marked cards are the best.