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How can you calculate mathematically the bonus’s wagering requirement?

If you love to gamble, you might seem it boring to do all the calculations needed for winning. But if you want to play this game professionally and make some winnings then it is necessary to read all the terms of the website and calculate wagering requirements before you sign up or place the bet. This will also prevent you from losing your hard-earned money. It also helps you to choose the casino bonus that fits your budget and bankroll. 

Example to calculate wagering requirements: 

Let us say that you got interested in the no deposit bonus offer of a new casino online and you decided to sign up for it. The casino is giving you an offer of a 60 euro bonus if you make a deposit of just 20 euro and it has a wagering requirement of 5X. now let us do the calculation part:

The casino bonus is 60 euro and the wagering requirement is 5 i.e. 60X5 which is 300 euro. To make it very simple, you will have to wager a total amount of 300 euros if you want to withdraw the cash that you win. If the website has the requirement that you should include the deposit also so that you can meet the requirement of wagering then the condition would be:

Online Japan Casino

You deposited 20 euros and the casino bonus is 60 euros. The wagering requirement here is 5 times. So (20+60) X5 = 400 euros would be the wagering requirement. 

From where can you know about the wagering requirement of a casino bonus?

There are many laws because of which the casino websites have to make clear the wagering requirements associated with any bonus. So players can get access to all the information regarding the bonus on the website.

According to the gambling law, every casino website that provides a cash bonus including free spins should display the rules associated with it in the section of terms and conditions and other information should be added that could stop the player from withdrawing the amount freely. Do not forget to read the fine print. This would be available in the form of a link in your email or you can see it on the promotions page.

If you do not find the wagering requirements clear, talk to the customer support of the website, and make things clear before making a deposit.