There are many Stud Poker variations in which you can try. Hex Poker is a Poker version only a few people know about. Most players hope for a four-of-a-kind for their starting hand. It is the best high starting hand in Hex Poker. It is the best hand right from the start. The board cards cannot improve or counterfeit your quads. But, you should keep in mind that, although a rare chance, another player can receive a bigger hand. Another rare starting hand is 4 to a straight flush including 1 gapper. You can draw an awesome straight flush with this type of hand. You can also get a decent regular flush or nothing. More common starting hands that are also excellent are triples and two pairs. These are one board card away from becoming a huge hand. Another decent starting hand is four cards to a flush. Four to a straight is not worth playing unless you can play it for low.

Here's a quick guide to playing poker online.

How to play

  • Each player receives 4 hole cards.
  • The dealer then arranges the board cards by placing 6 cards face down on the table in a hexagon shape.
  • A betting round takes place.
  • The dealer reveals the top card and the one on the right side near the bottom.
  • Another betting round follows.
  • Now, the dealer reveals the bottom card and the one on the left side near the top part.
  • A betting round occurs again.
  • The next cards the dealer reveals are the one on the right side near the top part and the one on the left side near the bottom.
  • Players place their bets once more.
  • The showdown follows where High only or Hi-Lo Cards speak.
  • High-Low declaration comes next.
  • Then there is the final betting round.
  • Finally, the showdown happens where players reveal their hands.

Winning the game

Players will use their 4 hole cards to form a hand. They can choose from any 3 consecutive board cards to use with their hole cards. Players can play the game as high-low splits.

You can use any combination of hole and board cards to form the best possible hand you can. Although Poker is a game of skill, there is a large element of luck involved. Getting a great starting hand will affect your odds of winning. A four-of-a-kind is the best high starting hand you could have in this game. The chances of getting dealt quads is about a 20,000 to 1 long shot.